More Valley homeowners gain equity in 3rd quarter

This article from the valley’s business newspaper “The Business Journal” indicates

that 15.4 % of residential properties in Fresno County that have mortgages have

negative equity….they’re upside down on their loan.  This is an improvement from

the 3rd quarter in 2014 which had  19.3% with negative equity.

This is good news overall for Fresno’s real estate market.  As more properties are

availible to be sold, presumably as buyers move up, we’ll see a more robust market; which means

that sales will increase followed by prices.  As prices increase fewer house will be upside

down.  Kind of a cascade of sales and price increases.

Thus, a healthy real estate market. However, for those who are currently upside down and

need to sell, we’d be happy to make you a short sale offer and purchase your property.

Just contact me:  Jan Weston, Central Cal Homes, Inc at 559-250-6189.