Fannie Mae, an abbreviated name for the Federal National Mortgage Association, and a huge mortgage purchaser in

the housing industry expects housing sales and prices to cool down this year.  Existing home sales fell

in the 1st quarter and rose in April and May, 2014.  They are expecting existing home sales to be down

by 2.4% for all of 2014 and new home sales to be up.  Unfortunately,  for those who are still upside

down on there home and were hoping to sell this season, they may need to wait and see what the future holds.

From my experience in the Fresno/Clovis area, existing homes sales have indeed softened.  The houses

we have for sale are taking longer to close and prices have softened.  On some of our deals we have offered

Rent-To-Own programs:  The buyer would rent for up to a year while preparing to buy the home within the

12 month time period.  It can be very beneficial to someone who wants to buy and isn’t quite reading to get a

new loan. Perhaps they need to save for a larger down, clean their credit up a bit or needs to get their

current home sold. This can be a great deal for all parties.

If you’re needing to sell your property…..even if your upside down, we’d be happy to make you an offer.  We

can do this quickly and close on the day you choose.  Just contact me at 559-250-6189 or through this website!


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Fannie Mae: Housing ‘remains a source of concern’