In 2013 the price for a Single Family Residence, SFR,  (homes) went up on average 28% in California.   Though

Fresno didn’t rise this high,  it still made it into the low 20 percentile range.  The result being that fewer homes

are upside down ; in a previous blog we were down to less than 25% of all mortgaged properties in

Fresno County being worth less than what’s owed on them.

The California Association of Realtors has forecast a 6.0% rise in values in 2014 for California.

Based on Central Cal Homes, Inc. sales for the end of 2013 and beginning into 2014, a price rise

less than 6% is to be expected.  The properties we’ve been selling have been on the market longer and

we been making price concessions to get these properties sold.

That doesn’t mean we’re not buying properties, it just means we’re not anticipating prices going up while

a property is being rehabbed.

We’re still buying property and if you’re in need of selling  quickly, please contact us!

See the article from the California Association of Realtors – 2014 Market Forecast