The most recent article from PropertyRadar.com, indicates that home values and sales volume for California homes are slowing down.

This negatively affects two groups of homeowners:  those who would like values to continue to grow because they owe more than there house

is worth and those who need to sell there home right away.  This slowdown has been our experience here in Fresno as well.

The last conversation I had with a local realtor , indicated that we have about 6 months of inventory on the market.  What’s that mean?

At the current sales rate of homes in the greater Fresno area, it will take 6 months to sell all the properties currently listed with a real estate agent.

Generally, as inventory increases property prices soften.  If our inventory stays up,  I’d expect property prices to soften further.

For those who need to sell or want a fast sale and those who are upside down on there loans, this creates a problem for them.

Our company desires to try and meet the needs of folks like this.  We’d be happy to make you a quick sale on your home in “as is” condition.  And for those

who are upside down on there loan and need to sell, we’ll  work something out with you as well.

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