The Business Journal, a local paper, indicated that just under 25 percent of all houses in the Fresno Metropolitan area have negative equity;  meaning the owner owes more than what their home is worth.  That’s a large drop from 2012.
This, I think, is a reflection of the increased appreciation in property values over the last year.  That’s good news for many.

If your home still hasn’t recovered from negative equity and you are behind on your payments, shoot us an email or phone call.  We’ll try to make you an offer that the bank will accept.

Here’s the article:  Negative equity declines in Fresno area

We’re almost to Christmas anda good time to pause and be thankful for our circumstances.  If you lived long enough you know that no one
escapes hardship.  It goes with the territory.  Remember, it never last forever.  And, God it there to guide you through it.

Wishing you a Christmas filled with hope, meaning and purpose.