The Business Journal, a central valley news organization, reports amongst other things that distressed sales

of homes in Fresno County amount to 17% of all sales for the month of June, about the same as May.  However,

that’s much better than a year ago, 36% of all sales were distressed sales.


The Fresno County market continues to get better, albeit slowly.  There seems to be some headwinds:  water issues,

slow to no job growth and we still have many homeowners who are upside down on there properties.  There are cities

around the state that have overcome these obstacles.  Most notably is the San Francisco Bay Area.  We were visiting

San Francisco about a week ago.  To my surprise there were cranes everywhere adding office and condo highrises to

the skyline.  The jobless rate there is 4.1%, just over a one third of our own; around 12%.  If Fresno had job growth, many

of these real estate issues would disappear.

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Distress Sales Unchanged in Fresno, Tulare Counties